Revision Rhinoplasty

If you are not happy with a previous experience, or results from your previous rhinoplasty, then it’s time for a consultation with the revision rhinoplasty experts at Michigan Facial Aesthetic Surgeons. We understand there isn’t one nose for every face, so our job and privilege is to make sure you like your results and that you can breathe normally again.

Whether you cannot breathe, or are concerned with the size and shape of your nose after your previous surgery, our experience in dealing with nasal function and aesthetics can help you achieve your desired goals. There are a wide spectrum of revision rhinoplasty techniques and determining which are correct for you requires experience and sub-specialty training in functional as well as cosmetic facial plastic surgery. Both Michael A. Carron MD and Giancarlo F. Zuliani MD pride themselves on involving the patient in every step from photography and analysis to developing a surgical plan consistent individual’s specific goals. No matter how complex the case, it is highly unlikely that any nose is beyond repair. Even if you have had multiple prior operations and are still unsatisfied with the form or function of your nose, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Prior to the revision rhinoplasty procedure, photographs are taken in order to study the nose and face to develop a plan for the surgery. In this way the object is not only to improve the shape of the nose but also the appearance of the entire face. It is our goal for other people to not even notice the changes in your nose. By reducing the attention drawn to the nose we hope to accentuate your other features during revision rhinoplasty.

We offer full outpatient services, financing, transportation and are conveniently located in four locations in southeastern Michigan – Detroit, Rochester, Dearborn and Southfield. Contact us now for a consultation.