Rhinoplasty is the name given to the operation to correct deformities of the nose and/or to restore nasal respiration that affects sleeping and other parts of daily life. Rhinoplasty is also known as a nose job or nose surgery. The most popular rhinoplasty in Michigan are performed because the patient desires an improvement in appearance.


Nose surgery usually takes around 2 to 3 hours and our patients are back to work within a week on average. All rhinoplasty procedures are performed at one of our accredited hospital or surgical centers near you in southeastern Michigan.

At the completion of surgery, a small adhesive tape-compound splint is applied to the nose and sometimes a small amount of soft packing is placed just inside the nostril (not the entire nasal passage). The premedication taken during the week prior to surgery plays a tremendous part in the reduction of swelling and discoloration. The dressings and the packing are removed in the office about 5 or 6 days following the nose surgery.

At the end of one week most of the swelling and discoloration around the eyes will have disappeared in 90% of patients. Some swelling is present in diminishing amounts for several weeks; the patient is particularly conscious of this in the morning when first arising and will physically see recovery and reduction of swelling. If work needs to be done on the nasal septum, there may be a varying degree of nasal blockage after the dressings are removed. Medicines may be given to relieve this.

After all dressings have been removed, the patient visits the office several times over the following year in order to check for progress. During this time, the patient must be very careful that the nose is not injured in any way. Protection must be taken from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Eyeglasses must not be worn unless they are suspended from the forehead with adhesive tape for the first 6 weeks. The nose may be gently blown after 3 weeks. The use of nasal saline irrigation and ointments is very important during this period to ensure proper healing. There is no contraindication to gently cleaning the outside of the nose, or to the use of cosmetics. It is not advisable to lift heavy weights or do heavy aerobic exercise for 2 weeks after surgery. It is however very important to move and remain active in the immediate post-operative procedure.

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